This is an easy recipe to make. Chive Blossom Vinegar is pacifying to Vata and Kapha and is increasing to Pitta.


  • canning jar
  • strainer


  • Harvest some lovely chive blossoms. Make sure they are clean of bugs and other plant matter. Put them in a glass jar, making sure there is plenty of extra room.
  • Fill the jar with the either white distilled or apple cider vinegar. The chive blossoms should be completely submerged.
  • Put the jar in a cool dark place (such as a cupboard). Shake the jar daily to infuse the chive blossoms into the vinegar.
  • After 14 days, pour your mixture through a strainer, keeping the vinegar in a well-sealed jar and composting the chive blossoms. This should keep indefinitely.