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I’m new to all of this. How do I begin?2022-06-06T12:31:22-07:00

Great! The New Client Consultation is the perfect place to begin.

I want to work with Katrina. How can I schedule with her?2022-01-28T16:31:54-08:00

You can schedule with Katrina using this link.

I want to work with Laura. How can I schedule with her?2022-01-28T16:34:30-08:00

You can schedule with Laura here.

I want to schedule a consultation.2022-01-28T16:36:27-08:00

You can find a list of our consultation appointments here.

I want to schedule a treatment.2022-01-28T16:37:40-08:00

All of our treatments are listed here.

I’m interested in your seasonal offerings.2022-01-28T16:38:56-08:00

You can find our seasonal offerings here.

I want to register for a class.2022-01-28T16:40:08-08:00

All of our classes are listed here.

I want to see all of the options.2022-01-28T16:44:47-08:00

OK! Here you go; the whole magilla.