Prana is what enters the body with the breath, but it is also what enters the body through the five senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight) and through what we eat. We maintain better health and wellness when we take in harmonious sensory information, and we decline in health and wellness when we are unduly stressed by our environments. Likewise, food can (and indeed should) have Prana; it should impart vital life-force energy in addition to calories, protein, nutrients, and carbohydrates.

Prana, then,  is the sum-total of what we take into ourselves that provides nourishment and enlivenment.

Without the breath, there is no life; without food, there is no life; without sensory stimulation, there is drastically reduced quality of life. Thus, without Prana, there is no life.

Perhaps it is helpful to use an image to further get across the idea of Prana. Think of a large, powerful waterfall. Visualize the surge of massive amounts of water, traveling at fast speeds, falling over the edge of a cliff, and crashing into the space below.

There is an impressive amount of energy and vitality in that image. That feels so purely alive. The spray of water at the bottom of a waterfall is in itself indicative of an exuberant and energetic state. This is what Prana is: this totally alive, completely energetic, wholely natural, uncontrived state.

This is what I am working towards in my life, and that’s what I am offering you in your life.

Let us work together to find the simple things that you can do to increase your health and wellness so that you live a life full of Prana.