The answer has four parts:

1. when you are ready to change the conversation that you are having with yourself/your body to something more positive, more productive, more constructive, more supportive­—ie: change your relationship with your body

2. when you resonate with the toolbox that we have to offer:

  • recommendations around foods and eating habits
  • herbal formulas
  • specialized massage and bodywork
  • therapies for what ails ya
  • cleanse & digestive reset protocols
  • … and a host of allies including aromatherapy, color therapy, gem therapy, astrology, the ways our living and working spaces support us, breathing exercises, chanting, yoga and movement work, and practices aimed specifically at increasing our connection to Spirit.

3. when you’ve tried everything else—and you still need help

4. when you want/need additional support around what Western medicine provides (ie: nutritional support during cancer care, relief from pain when your symptoms are not “bad enough” to undergo orthopedic surgery)