“Why would I go to an Ayurvedic practitioner instead of any other kind of practitioner?”

This is a really great question! I can easily get overly brainy about it (and I have! click here to read the long version). The short answer, though, is that an Ayurvedic practitioner has access to a unique box of varied tools to address your concerns:

  • recommendations around foods and eating habits
    {if you have digestive issues, trouble pooping, or food sensitivities}
  • herbal formulas
    {to help calm an over-busy mind, to correct a long-standing imbalance, to support optimal health}
  • specialized massage and bodywork
    {wonderfully relaxing, deeply nourishing to your skin, helpful to your lymph}
  • specific therapies for what’s bugging you
    {for issues such as sciatica, poor posture, knee/hip/low back injuries, and residue from old injuries}
  • cleanse & digestive reset protocols
    {for when you are really ready to shed the old and make space for the new}
  • … and a host of allies including aromatherapy, color therapy, gem therapy, astrology, the ways our living and working spaces support us, breathing exercises, chanting, yoga and movement work, and practices aimed specifically at increasing our connection to Spirit {for everything else}.
  • You value really great preventive care. {Ayurveda offers you an inclusive map of your whole being to help you locate the energetic and subtle causes of imbalance that lead to illness and disease, often before they become a major problem.}
  • You are interested in a holistic approach that considers ALL of you (body, mind, and spirit). {Because you know that these aspects of you are, in fact, inseparable.}
  • You have active symptoms and Western medicine has failed you. {For all of the good that it does, Western medicine sometimes falls short of helping people find resolution. This is typically when Ayurveda shines the brightest.}
  • You are ready to re-envision your lifestyle. {Ayurveda’s nurturing support will gently guide you through making easeful changes that will have long-term benefit.}

Caution: You will leave our office feeling great because our work is customized to be in alignment with your nature and to support your constitution. You will be heard and seen.

  • When you feel disconnected from your body’s natural rhythms. {You should especially come see us if you didn’t even know that your body has natural rhythms.}
  • When you feel generally unhappy with your pooping. Ayurveda can help your digestion and elimination, and that helps everything else fall in line! {You should be pooping at least once a day, and it should feel satisfactory.}
  • When you feel overwhelmed from living in our toxic world. {We can help you detox.}
  • When your brain is running on overdrive. {We can help you slow things down.}
  • When your mind and spirit feel disconnected or out of sorts. {We can reel you back in.}
  • When you are ready to change the conversation that you are having with yourself—or your body—to something that is more positive. {We will support you in your efforts.}

Caution: Our office smells amazing! And if you receive any of our specialized treatments, *you* will smell amazing afterwards.