Dennis’ Predictions for 2018

Dennis Flaherty gave his predictions for 2018 to the Ayurvedic Health Center community on Dec. 9, 2017. Here is a brief synopsis. Please refer to Dennis’ website for his Star Trends column.


  • At the end of September 2017 Jupiter moved into sidereal Libra, which is owned by Venus. Jupiter will remain here until October 2018. Venus rules artisans. Libra likes balance; its symbol is the setting sun and the autumnal equinox. This placement of Jupiter in Libra is good for the arts as well as issues surrounding social equality and social justice. It supports activism in these areas.
  • Venus will come to perigee (closest point to earth) in 2018 and will stay there for a long time.
  • Mars will also come to perigee and will stay there for six months, beginning in May. Mars will be in sidereal Capricorn. This relates to big business and its relation to and tensions with government.
  • Mars will be aligned with Rahu and Ketu, the shadow planets. This portends conflict and war.
  • Additionally, Mercury, which rules weather, will be aligned with Mars, Rahu, and Ketu during the summer, portending another summer of intense weather patterns, water issues, and more out-of-control wildfires.
  • There will be five eclipses in 2018 (rather than the usual four). Two will take place in July; one will be in August.
  • Saturn will cool things down and allow us to develop the virtue of patience. Saturn is currently in sidereal Sagittarius, which is owned by Jupiter. It will be here for the next two years. Sagittarius is concerned with things such as philosophy and theology—and developing discernment in these areas. Saturn has a conservative effect. We are likely to see a rise of the conservative in religion leading to conflict and controversy. We might also see a scrutiny of our higher education systems and the immense debt burdens that have been foisted onto young graduates. Saturn will also look for practical applications of spirituality to help people and to give it relevance. We might even see more conservative court rulings during this time.


Generally, this is a safe year for travel, although there will tend to be delays. Plan extra time into your itinerary! Take your vacations in June as the eclipses of July and August make those months unfavorable for all travel.

Predictions for the Signs

Note: Vedic Astrology uses the sidereal zodiac. Please check dates for your sun sign as they are different than in the tropical system. You may also read for your moon and ascendant signs, if you know them.

April 15 – May 15

2018 will be a good time for advancement in work. Partnership (ie: romance, marriage) is favored also. Relocation and social advancement are also possible. Self-care will be important as is a healthy work-life balance.

May 16 – June 15

The final quarter of 2018 will bring improved felicity and positive change in a romantic relationship. The second half of the year will be slow and steady. Progress will return. You have been exhausted for the past two years, so continue to take time to rest and be balanced about how much energy is spent at work. This should be year for saving money. Travel for business only, and examine your work and finances well.

June 16 – July 16

2018 will be creative, optimistic, and beneficial for the start of relationships. “Settle in and settle down.” The first half of the year will be good for friendships, but the second half may prove more difficult. You will have many projects going on. Be careful to avoid overdoing it. Reign in debt and spending during the second half of the year to minimize financial concerns.

July 17 – August 16

You finally get to settle down in 2018. The second half of the year favors children. This is a time to embrace bold change. Spend time in self-examination to improve self-esteem and improve relationships. Spend time with your loved ones rather than travelling this year.

August 17 – September 16

2018 is a time to make new alliances and pathways. Focus on children, health, and diet to improve the past year’s stress. More connectedness should balance any lack of recognition you may have been feeling. You will find more connectedness in 2018. Follow your heart, but watch expenses.

September 17 – October 17

2018 will be a year of happiness, felicity, prosperity, and an expanded social circle. Be careful to avoid alienating others with your strong opinions. You may change your home. Travel, especially internationally, is auspicious in the second half of the year. You will find yourself consumed with issues around social justice, for instance diet, foods, and cosmetics.

October 18 – November 16

2018 will be good for finances with personal advancement, love, and romance in the works. Marriage is possible, although there will likely be conflict around work and home in the second half of the year. Review and renew your support of children during this year and put in place what is needed.

November 17 – December 16

2018 will feature themes surrounding domestic security and education. You may gain a possible vocational degree. Travel for education is likely. Be diplomatic during the second half of the year; it will feature competitiveness. Exercise will give you an appropriate outlet. Relationships and romance are favored during the second half of the year.

December 17 – January 15

Are you getting your essential needs met? 2018 will give you time to ponder and reflect on this question. You may find yourself being more serious and down-to-earth. You might have a low tolerance for those who are not very serious although this time will also see an increase in friendships. Commitment and trust in your relationships will come to the forefront. Take time to improve your diet and health.

January 16 – February 14

Career growth and advancement are favored in 2018. Restoration is important. Take some time off to rest and sleep. Travel will be sparse in 2018, so work to develop your social network. The second half of 2018 will be more serious with some doubt and lowered self-esteem.

February 15 – March 15

Local travel during the first half of 2018 will be your best bet. Education, romance, and friendship are favored. Take time to rebuild relationships, and be cautious about any new work you undertake.

March 16 – April 14

2018 will find you giving back (think charities, non-profits). Careers will plateau; look elsewhere for satisfaction. There is the possibility of a new community; take care to avoid being over-zealous. Balance ambition with contentment and gratitude, and draw on your spiritual life rather than on the egoic.