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What our clients have to say…

I found working with Katrina to be very knowledgeable as well as healing. Her workshops are thoughtfully planned, providing just enough information in each course to keep you wanting for more! And Yes! I will be back!

I learn a lot each session and appreciate that very much! Thank you Katrina. You are amazing.

I can’t even begin to express how helpful and nourishing 😉  my appt was yesterday!!  I felt like a lot was covered and accomplished…I felt listened to, validated, and inspired to make adjustments for the better!! I am really looking forward to continuing this work!!

I can’t believe how much I have changed over the course of this year because of Ayurveda (she says as she sips her lime rose water). I am so much closer to my true self, and rarely lose my shit anymore. Excellent perks!

I joined the Ayurveda study group in order to better understand myself and my doshas. I have learned so much more than I thought possible. Katrina’s easy approach to explaining the complexities of Ayurveda as well as her vast knowledge of the human body from a western perspective blend seamlessly to offer a varied and interesting look at Ayurveda.

I have taken both the basic and advanced classes now and I feel like my understanding of Ayurveda has deepened. I want to keep learning and working with Katrina for years to come.

The best experience ever! Katrina is delightful and highly skilled. I loved my Ayurjyotish consultation. It is deeply informative, easy to understand and complete with practical recommendations. A very unique experience, I am grateful.

Honestly the best gift I have given myself in a long time. I am going to see my son tomorrow and ask him he would like to have the experience. Thanks again.  Thank you for your devotion to what you love and offering it to the community.

I love having the Ayurvedic Health Center & its staff as a resource here in Bellingham.  Laura is very professional, helpful, and non-judgemental.  I went for a consult the first year the center opened and was recommended a custom herbal formula to help with allergies I’ve had since childhood.  I was amazed at how effective it was!  I still need to take the formula from time to time but it beats allergies and the usual drugs that just relieve the symptoms. Ayurveda works at a deeper level. And the Abhyanga massages are truly blissful and beneficial.

I have had numerous massages from various practitioners all over the globe but none are as good as Laura’s. She invites us into a realm of beauty and nurturance as we enter a climate of ideal conditions: a warm room, warm oils, soft lighting, peaceful music.

She is a lovely human being, exuding joy, understanding and calm; her massages demonstrate her art as a healer. Laura is able to “read” people’s needs, and she ministers accordingly.

I believe there is a profound benefit beyond the physical; I feel euphoric many days after, thanks to her healing touch. I send friends and family to her on a regular basis. We depart our massages with a deep sense of peacefulness and ease and wellness.

We are so fortunate to have Laura in our community!

Great experience. Katrina gave me exactly what I asked for ~ in the form that works for me. I’m very appreciative. Thanks so much!