Panchakarma Cleanses



True health is more than freedom from disease symptoms. One of the goals of Ayurveda is improving your quality of life while also increasing your longevity. As an active tradition reaching back over 5,000 years, Ayurveda and its therapies are deeply in tune with the way energies flow, grow, and heal. Its healing power reaches in to find the order in the disorder and to restore your access to the bliss for which you were born.


Diet, habits, lifestyle, seasonal changes, emotions, and stress can change the balance and efficacy of the energies of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas in your body and mind. This inevitably deranges the digestive fire and ultimately results in improperly digested debris and metabolic waste called ama. Accumulated ama will enter the bloodstream through the small intestines and travel throughout the body, collecting at the joints, clogging the channels, and settling in the weaker spots of your body. Emotions, information, and experiences that are not well-digested by the mind also create ama that lodges in the subconscious mind and the body’s tissues. Slowly your life force, immunity, and cellular integrity are negatively affected. From this state, degeneration and disease arise as a crisis of toxicity.


Pancha Karma is Ayurveda’s tool to reverse the disease mechanisms and root out the causes of imbalance. Its process draws the ama out of the body’s tissues and returns it to the digestive tract to be eliminated. Pancha Karma elegantly uses the specific qualities of your physiological make up, treating and managing the biological forces that carry ama to produce a gentle and complete purification.


The process of Pancha Karma nurtures the body and consciousness to feel safe and calm enough to let go of the toxins that are being held. Pancha Karma encourages release through a mild mono-diet of warm, tasty “kitchari,” yoga practice, ingested oils to lubricate the body internally, and a daily relaxing traditional massage called abhyanga. Abhyanga soothes the body with expert application of warm, herbalized oils. It is followed by full-body steam therapy to open channels and circulate the ama-dissolving oils. The body is then refreshed by rubbing specific powdered herbs into the skin; this is known as urdvartana.

Mental toxins are cleared from the mind with meditation, yogic breathing, affirmation, and shirodhara. Shirodhara is an ancient technique of pouring a gentle stream of warm oil onto the third-eye region of the forehead and over the scalp. As the body lays in warm tranquility, the negative tracks of the mind are washed clean, allowing the heart to open.


After the body is prepared through the bodywork listed above, Pancha Karma then moves to eliminate the ama from the body with procedures specific to each doshic excess. Each person’s unique situation is met with an individualized program of herbs, foods, advice, and understanding. The educated support you receive during the process takes the tension out of the experience to deepen your level of relaxation. One often emerges with a renewed outlook on daily habits and a vibrant feeling of peace that arises when the body, mind, and consciousness are working in harmony. We want you to feel good about making a holistic investment in maintaining or regaining your health and well-being.  To that end, only the highest quality organic products are used at the Ayurvedic Health Center.


Classic Pancha Karma is for those who would like to experience the healing power of traditional Pancha Karma. Since this option is fully supported and comprehensive, it allows for relaxation at a profound level resulting in a deep release, promoting profound healing, and is followed by rejuvenation therapy.

Classic 5-Day Pancha Karma Includes:

  1. Panchakarma Wellness Consultation
  2. Individualized Treatment Plan
  3. Dinacharya (Daily Routine) Recommendations
  4. Daily Meetings (time to address questions and obtain support during the cleansing process)
  5. Panchakarma supplies (informational booklet, herbal supplements, digestive tea, ghee, rasayana formula)
  6. Abhyanga—daily treatment for 5 days (choreographed massage routine)
  7. Swedana—daily treatment for 5 days (fomentation – detoxification through steam therapy)
  8. Urdvartana—daily treatments for 5 days (fine, powdered herbs which are rubbed into the skin to invigorate, exfoliate, and transport the healing herbs into the blood stream)
  9. Shirodhara—daily treatments for 5 days (warm oil streamed onto the third eye area to balance hormones and soothe the mind)
  10. Choice of Netra Basti (eye therapy) or Kati Basti (lower back therapy)—one treatment
  11. Choice of Chakra Balancing or Hypnotherapy—one treatment
  12. Personalized Yoga Class or Mehndi/Henna application—one treatment
  13. Post Panchakarma Rejuvenation Plan, including Diet Recommendations & Recipes


$1957.00 for the package (single practitioner abhyanga);
$2215.00 for the package (dual practitioner abhyanga);


Please contact us to schedule Pancha Karma. We offer options such as:

  • custom-designed herbal formula (available for an additional charge)
  • a discount is given for payment-in-full received via cash or check