The mind is a powerful force. It creates worlds!

As consciousness, it lies at the root of the play of human life.

We can feel the body speaking in tongues as we relate to tension and breath.

We have all been surprised at the way relationships unfold and emotions arise.

We have had to contend with the wild creatures that live inside us who refused to be tamed.

And we have all experienced the way knowledge can alter perception.

Yoga teaches us that we develop as individuals as we cultivate a relationship to intuition and somatic expression.

Hypnotherapy is a beautiful and creative way to increase this development and explore the shapes of personal empowerment and transmutation. There are parts inside of us longing for an invitation to grow in the light of loving awareness.

A session starts with deep listening to your struggles and/or intentions. From our conversation we create a shared contract that clearly addresses your needs and concerns. Every step of the way we focus on resourcing safety. Together we create a sacred space in which we can play with time and space.

The intention can take many forms. Perhaps you want to explore some frustrating habits, or maybe there is a physical discomfort that has messages for you. Some people need help releasing blockages to creative energy. Others may long for forgiveness and integration of the past. We can invite conflicting inner parts to dialogue, and we can cultivate relationships with inner guides that bring presence and support into daily life.

A hypnotherapist learns to invite the protective, discursive mind to slowly relax, welcoming to the body/mind to show itself through feeling states, imaginal metaphor, memory and imagery. As a guide I step back and allow the river of wisdom to flow while protecting the space and anchoring our intention.

My style of hypnotherapy is rooted in a commitment to the organic unfolding of health and wholeness. When invited with compassion and respect, the subconscious energies that shape us reveal their gifts and wisdom.

What is special about a hypnotherapy session is personalized attention. Along with the internal integration that can take place, there is a gentle embrace of relational healing. When we have cultivated the trust that invites opening up to deeper truths, we can directly experience the healing power of conscious exploration.

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