Ayurvedic Yoga


The sister sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda are inextricably linked and have complemented and enhanced each other since their inceptions. While practicing one without the other is beneficial, it is similar to eating a nutritious diet without exercising—an incomplete approach to health. The synergistic union of Yoga & Ayurveda brings a holistic approach; this combination is as inseparable as the five elements interacting in nature.

The ancient practices of Ayurveda support a foundation of strength, vitality, and longevity of body and mind. Yoga takes us onward toward the path of Self-realization. Yoga provides the key to spiritual development, which is the knowledge of our true nature. Together, Ayurveda and Yoga provide the insight for each person to create a way of life in harmony both with the world of nature and our higher Self.

Ayurvedic Yoga is yoga that is personalized for each individual. Practicing yoga tailored specifically for your constitution brings you back to your natural balance. According to the principles of Ayurveda, like increases like. Therefore, you may be drawn to a yoga practice that will increase the gunas (qualities) that are already predominant in your nature. This is contrary to what is naturally balancing. Ayurvedic Yoga provides the means to modify your yoga practice based on your individual Prakruti (constitution), Vikruti (current state), and the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in order to restore balance. Ayurvedic Yoga is an all-encompassing practice that is equally applicable for beginners and seasoned practitioners of yoga alike.

Since yoga acts upon the subtle energies of the body, it is the quickest way to readjust and regain one’s natural state of health. Each individual is balanced by certain asanas (postures), mantras (chants), and pranayama (breathing techniques). An individual class includes a health assessment to determine your Prakruti (innate constitution) and Vikruti (current constitution) followed by a customized summary of an Ayurvedic Yoga movement sequence, based on how the person is feeling that day, the current season, diet, and more.


Individual Ayurvedic Yoga—Initial Consultation
After understanding the individual’s unique constitution, a yoga sequence intended to balance the energies in the body and mind will be designed.

Individual Ayurvedic Yoga—Class Options
Private classes are usually held once per week. The intention of this practice is to provide a format for the participants to tailor their yoga classes to their needs using simple Ayurvedic Yoga modifications. These tools can be implemented into the student’s current studio yoga practice or personal home practice. A sequence of four classes is often sufficient to learn the custom sequence. Ten packs are also available for those who prefer to continue Ayurvedic Yoga on an ongoing basis.

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Group Ayurvedic Yoga—Weekly Drop-in Classes
Please join us in gaining greater flexibility, in deepening your sense of support, and in letting go of what no longer serves you. Really, what could possibly be better?!

We will explore movement in concert with the breath, accommodating and adapting the asanas to your body’s anatomy and abilities. We will also make use of pranayama breathing exercises, mantra chanting, and yoga nidra guided meditations.

Inspiration is drawn from Viniyoga, Gyrotonics, Feldenkrais, and fascial connections in the body.

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