Everyone can—and should—cook with digestive herbs and spices. They make things taste better and more complex. Herbs and spices also help us to better digest our meals, drawing more nutrition out of our food. Certain herbs and spices are better for each of the three doshas. Let us clue you in!

Air/Vata Fire/Pitta Earth & Water/Kapha
anise cardamom anise
asafoetida chamomile basil
basil cilantro bay leaf
caraway coriander chamomile
cardamom cumin caraway
cinnamon dill cardamom
clove fennel cayenne
coriander ginger, fresh cinnamon
cumin lemon verbena cloves
dill mint (all) coriander
fenugreek saffron cumin
fennel turmeric dill
ginger, fresh fennel
garlic fenugreek
marjoram garlic
mustard ginger, powder
nutmeg horseradish
oregano marjoram
pepper mustard
poppy seeds nutmeg
rosemary oregano
saffron peppermint
sage poppy seeds
spearmint rosemary
thyme saffron
turmeric sage
star anise