The three doshas are body–mind types. We all have all three of the types present within us. Our unique nature is expressed through our own proportion of these three doshas as they manifest in our physical and mental–emotional bodies. We talk about this as “constitution.”

Some people are predominantly one doshic type. Other people are predominantly two of the doshic types. And still others have all three doshic types in equal quantities. Your combination of the types shows basic predispositions within you for health and wellness. Ayurvedic health practitioners use this information to make specific recommendations to support you in improved health and wellness.

These profiles of the three doshic types—and the linked tip sheets & food lists—will give you a glimpse into how they work along with some information about how to get started in creating better balance for yourself.

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Vata (Air) Type

Vata is a windy type of energetic: cold, dry, light, mobile, and variable. Vata rules all forms of movement in the body. Vata is spontaneous, creative, inspired and inspiring, evocative, and artistic.

People who are predominately Vata types tend towards a long slim body type, bony joints, dark wild hair, quick darting eyes, and dry skin. Vatas love to eat salads, the bigger the better! Lighter and raw foods are what they gravitate to.

Excessive Vata

Vata types run cold. They become worried, fearful, and anxious. Vata types tend towards constipation, confusion, and indecision.

Reducing Vata

To restore balance to Vata, we apply heat and moisture, and we soothe the nervous system!

→ Check out our Vata Tip Sheet and Vata Food List.

Pitta (Fire) Type

Pitta is a fiery type of energetic: hot, sharp, intense, and transformational.  Pitta rules your digestive system, is the heat that is carried by your blood, and is the force behind the many functions performed by your liver. Pitta is determined, passionate, perceptive, and strong.  Pitta relates to times of high activity and productivity.  Pitta is what gets stuff done!

People who are predominately pitta types tend towards a moderate body type, angular features, light-colored eyes, straight light-colored hair, an intense gaze, skin moles and freckles, and well-developed musculature. Pittas love their food and have a strong metabolic need for it. Never ask a Pitta to go without a meal. You risk getting your hand bitten off!

Excessive Pitta

Pitta types run hot. They become critical, angry, and impatient. They tend towards loose stools, “hot” headaches, and indigestion.

Reducing Pitta

To restore balance to Pittas we cool Pitta off. We encourage time in nature, unstructured time, and avoiding coffee and alcohol.

→ Check out our Pitta Tip Sheet and Pitta Food List.

Kapha Type

Kapha is a cool, damp type of energetic: cold, wet, heavy, and stable. Kapha rules all of the structures in the body: bones and muscles. Kapha is consistent, stable, traditional, devotional, nurturing, supportive, and reliable. Kapha is very happy to do almost anything—as long as someone who is near and dear will do it, too.

People who are predominately Kapha types tend towards a fuller body type, large round features, a fantastic head of hair, large eyes, and very few, if any, wrinkles.

Kaphas love to indulge in rich, thick, creamy foods. The richer the better! Comfort foods are where it’s at.

Excessive Kapha

Kapha types run too wet, ie: congested and mucousy. They easily become overweight and can succumb to lethargy.

Reducing Kapha

To restore balance to Kapha, we heat Kapha up, we dry her out, and we get her moving! Go dancing, and eat smaller portions.

→ Check out our Kapha Tip Sheet and Kapha Food List.