You might know it as Rolfing. Integrative Bodywork rejuvenates the fascial connective tissues of your body to allow bones and muscles to be positioned and supported more optimally. This differentiates Integrative Bodywork work from massage work—and even myofascial release techniques.

Integrative Bodywork is done over 11 sessions. Each one has a specific focus—and is a segment of the whole series of work. While certain aspects of a session’s recipe may be emphasized—or de-emphasized—depending on what is present in your body, we always address these intentions. You’ll find that your body is hungry for the next session and “knows” what region of the body will be addressed. Integrative Bodywork allows for a natural unwinding of the structure to occur, resulting in reduced experiences of pain and improved posture. It’s truly magical!

Session # Focus & Intent

brings more upright posture and more ease of breath through freeing the superficial fascia of the torso and hip


creates a sense of groundedness by working the lower legs and feet, thereby beginning the process of establishing equilibrium and suspensory dynamics


allows for expanded breathing and greater relaxation by lengthening the sides of the body and by establishing a communicative balance between the shoulder and pelvic girdles

4, 5, 6

increases balance and movement efficiency by adjusting the tensional dynamics of the core, facilitating buoyancy, coordination, and levity


increases the neurodynamics between the brain and the body and supports expressivity through a release of the myofascial structures of the neck, face, and head


increases rotary function of the shoulder by integrating the arms with the back, shoulders, and scapula; increases hand-eye coordination and gestural facility

9, 10

creates more energy by integrating the upper and lower and upper body halves in a new, more efficient manner


integrates the whole body in a new, more efficient manner through arthrokinetics; the body can now exist in gravity with greater ease

The following photos are Before-&-After examples of real people who have gone through the entire 11-session Integrative Bodywork series. Improvements that you can see include:

  • more upright posture
  • the torso is better supported above the pelvis
  • the head is supported above the torso (head moving back)
  • reduced spinal curvatures (particularly at the neck and lumbar)
  • legs coming towards the midline to better support the pelvis

Would you like to go more in-depth into the wonder that is fascia?

  •  This article does a really nice job of explaining the complexity of fascia.
  • Gil Hedley has done wonderful work in diving deep into the nature of fascia through video-recorded dissection workshops.

If you feel called to this work, you may schedule with us here.

I am extremely appreciative of the Structural Integration work I received from Katrina. She is patient, knowledgeable and most importantly, curious. She always inquired about how my body was feeling at the start of each session. This encouraged me to be more in touch with my body. After my sessions with Katrina, I feel more loose, more informed and more connected to my body.

Extremely Appreciative

Structural Integration has completely transformed my body and my life in a way I never thought would be possible. When I first started seeing Katrina, I was miserable. My physical vitality was at an all-time low, and I barely had the emotional energy to take care of myself, much less experience pleasure. I was so cold and so tense that I couldn’t even sleep. Katrina met me where I was at with gentleness; she was kind to my body, delivering the SI work with an intuitive sense of the depth and pressure my then-fragile frame could sustain. Every session unfolds within the sacred energetic container she holds, and I feel spiritually nourished from the very first second I walk through her door. The SI work is intense and every motion purposeful, integrating the physical body with the energetic body in a profound way. This work has been foundational to my spiritual awakening, to my taste of Kundalini activation, and restoring my internal fire to the point where I can skinny dip nearly any time of year to my heart’s desire. Katrina is a modern-day alchemical master who transmutes pain into pleasure through the ancient truths of Ayurveda and herbalism: I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed in this lifetime, because I can’t imagine existing as an embodied human woman without her touch.

completely transformed