Corona virus (aka Covid) time. What a trip, right? I never thought I would be dealing with anything like this in my lifetime. I’m sure the same is true for you.

We are all in unchartered territory here, doing the best that we can. Unfortunately stress-eating is one of of the ways we’ve been coping. Full disclosure:  I have eaten more than my share of barbecue-flavor potato chips over the past few months. I will say that they tasted great. But then there’s this new and mysterious extra pudge around my middle that I’m not so happy about. Darn.

I know that I’m not alone in this situation.

I decided to do something about that pudge. I used the principles of Ayurveda to come up with an easy and straightforward program for boosting my metabolism—as well as putting some better self-care habits in place. And it worked! My weight has stabilized, and I am making better choices around taking care of myself during this stressful time. What a relief!

The really great news is that I am sharing my program with you. Woot! 

I’m calling it “Lose Your Covid-19 (pounds that is)“.

Get it? Bwa ha ha ha! (might as well have some humor in these weird times…)

This program is:
  • simple (but not simplistic!)
  • Ayurvedic without all of the weird Sanskrit
  • do-able with any food practicess that you make
This program is not:
  • a cleanse or reset
  • a diet
  • a complete lifestyle shift
  • rigid or dogmatic

The “Lose Your Covid-19 Pounds” program is designed to be done in small, bite-sized increments over 8 weeks. That said, the program is done at your pace so that it won’t overwhelm you (who needs that these days?!). Take as much (or as little) time as you need.

Also, this program is very supportive and nurturing. It’s like having your sweet mom beside you, gently encouraging you along (cuz we could all use that these days, too).

Oh, and hey. I guarantee that you’ll learn something interesting in the process (like how to avoid getting into the pudgy mess in the future).

I spent most of September creating this program—and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you.

Click to learn more—and get started.