We are lucky to have so many herbs and spices that we can use in cooking and preparing foods! But, sometimes, with so much choice comes confusion about what to use.

Generally, we should choose herbs that are fresh, but that’s no always possible. In these situations dried herbs are a great choice—just make sure that your dried herbs are six months old or less. Older dried herbs lose potency and—more importantly!—flavor.

The herbs in each category of this table are appropriate for that dosha. That is, those herbs and pacifying or reducing to that dosha.

Have fun experimenting with herbs that are new to you! You might also try some blends such as masalas and curries. Herbs add a lot of zing to our foods while helping our digestive system to make use of the foods that we have eaten.

Vata Pitta Kapha
anise cardamom anise
asafoetida (hing) chamomile asafoetida (hing)
basil cilantro basil
bay leaf coconut bay leaf
caraway coriander black pepper
cardamom cumin chamomile
cinnamon dill caraway
clove fennel cardamom
coriander ginger, fresh cayenne
cumin lemon verbena cinnamon
dill mints (all) cloves
fennel parsley coriander
fenugreek saffron cumin
ginger, fresh turmeric dill
garlic fennel
marjoram fenugreek
mustard garlic
nutmeg ginger, powder
oregano horseradish
parsley marjoram
pepper mustard
poppy seeds nutmeg
rosemary oregano
saffron parsley
sage peppermint
spearmint poppy seeds
thyme rosemary
turmeric saffron
star anise