A Beginning Exploration into Ayurveda (FREE)


Are you just finding out about Ayurveda and need a place to get started on your learning journey? This FREE eBook is just the ticket!


In this full-color document you will learn about the foundational aspects of Ayurveda—and why they matter to you and your well-being.

This book is written for the novice; its clear and accessible content will make the ancient system of Ayurveda relevant to you. We’ve even included a comparison between Ayurveda and Western medicine to highlight the strengths of Ayurveda’s profound wisdom.

Ayurveda excels at:

  • preventative self-care
  • working with the rhythms of nature
  • using all-natural remedies
  • having access to a diverse array of therapeutic allies
  • empowering you to take charge of your health and wellness
  • teaching you how to make effective choices
  • making sense of the world around you

This eBook includes:

  • detailed descriptions of the five elements and the three doshas
  • a map of how the five elements and three doshas relate to our five senses
  • examples of celebrities who exemplify the three doshic types
  • background about Ayurveda’s concept of constitution
  • the ever-popular dosha quiz so that you can make a preliminary determination of your unique Ayurvedic constitution