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Project Description

—Soothing Bodywork Combo—

  • Are you feeling hot and bothered?
  • Are your nerves frayed?
  • Are you approaching burnout?
  • Do you need some serious pampering?
  • Are you a fire/Pitta type?

Let us calm you down and cool you off.

This treatment is perfect for you if you tend to run “hot.” Type A personalities, we’re talking to you! You are soooo good at getting stuff checked off of your list. You are efficient. You create order out of other peoples’ chaos. You know where everything is and how it should run. You are ultra productive and have a fantastic work ethic. You tend to be on the competitive side.

This is all well and good. We need people in the world who “get shit done.”

And there are times when you need to slow down, cool down, and be taken care of. When you are at that point, come see us. We will help you to restore balance so that you can live to capably conquer another day.

2 hours


Laura Smith

Are you ready to get started?

This treatment is best enjoyed during the hot summer months—or by those who tend to have excess heat (you know who you are!).

What our clients have to say…

I have had numerous massages from various practitioners all over the globe but none are as good as Laura’s. She invites us into a realm of beauty and nurturance as we enter a climate of ideal conditions: a warm room, warm oils, soft lighting, peaceful music.

She is a lovely human being, exuding joy, understanding and calm; her massages demonstrate her art as a healer. Laura is able to “read” people’s needs, and she ministers accordingly.

I believe there is a profound benefit beyond the physical; I feel euphoric many days after, thanks to her healing touch. I send friends and family to her on a regular basis. We depart our massages with a deep sense of peacefulness and ease and wellness.

We are so fortunate to have Laura in our community!