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Project Description

—Relaxing Oil Massage—

  • Are you in need of a great massage?
  • Do you need to be restored?
  • Are you looking for something “more” than a regular old massage?
  • Do you need to put life on hold for a while and deeply let go?

We’ve got just the ticket!

Relaxing Oil Massage (aka Abhyanga) begins with a short dry massage to stimulate lymphatic flow and lightly exfoliate your skin. Next, warm organic herb-infused oils are lovingly massaged over the entire body, front and back, to soothe your nerves, nourish your tissues with vital fluids, remove obstructions in your channels, and flush wastes and toxins from your systems. Along the way, marmas (junction points in the energy system) are stimulated, helping you to regain balanced energy flow in the body. Finally, the body is wiped down with warm towels, leaving you calm and feeling fully cleansed.

75 minutes


Laura Smith

Are you ready to get started?

We invite you into a realm of loving nurturance where you can sink into an environment of ideal conditions: a warm room, healing oils, soft lighting, and peaceful music.

What our clients have to say…

I love having the Ayurvedic Health Center & its staff as a resource here in Bellingham.  Laura is very professional, helpful, and non-judgemental.  I went for a consult the first year the center opened and was recommended a custom herbal formula to help with allergies I’ve had since childhood.  I was amazed at how effective it was!  I still need to take the formula from time to time but it beats allergies and the usual drugs that just relieve the symptoms. Ayurveda works at a deeper level. And the Abhyanga massages are truly blissful and beneficial.


The Abhyanga massages are truly blissful and beneficial.