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Project Description

—Nurturing Heart Treatment—

  • Do you have a history of heart trouble?
  • Do you have old hurts that need to be released?
  • Does your heart ache?
  • Could you use some deep loving?

We would love to ease your suffering.

Hrid Basti is a treatment focused on delivering much-needed healing to the heart—and we mean both the anatomical heart and the emotional heart. Because you can’t address one without addressing the other.

We use traditional, organic Ayurvedic herbalized oils. These oils nourish the heart muscle and lubricate the pericardial sac. The warmth and sweetness infused into every treatment reinforce the emotional heart with much-needed shoring-up, allowing the energetic self to release old hurts and wounds.

Your practitioner will make up a dam made of organic dough. This dam will be placed on your mid-chest region, directly over the heart. The dough dam serves to hold the oils securely in place, allowing their important work to be done while you rest in complete comfort and ease.

1 hour


Katrina Svoboda Johnson

Are you ready to get started?

Like warm honey spreading its sweet goodness, Hrid Basti will infuse the very marrow of your being with what it most needs.

What our clients have to say…

I can’t even begin to express how helpful and nourishing my appt was yesterday!!