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Project Description

—Muscle Relief Massage—

  • Are your joints achy?
  • Do you feel creaky?
  • Would you like a deeper style of Ayurvedic massage?
  • Do you need to get the sludge out?

Let us help you.

Vishesh is a deep-tissue form of Ayurvedic massage. It focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Vivesh uses doshically-appropriate organic oils with specific massage strokes that are designed to break up fibrous scar tissue. This reinvigorates aching muscles and joints. Your accumulated mental, emotional, and physical stresses are released as the aromatic oils penetrate your tissue layers for deep relief.

75 minutes


Laura Smith

Are you ready to get started?

A deep calm and sweet bliss will permeate your entire being.

What our clients have to say…

I have had numerous massages from various practitioners all over the globe but none are as good as Laura’s


Laura is very professional, helpful, and non-judgemental.