—ION*Gut Health—

Gut Health Equals Immune Health.

ION*Gut Health (formerly RESTORE) works at the gut lining, where 70% of your immune system resides, to strengthen your barrier function, defend against environmental toxins, and support respiratory wellness.

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ION*Gut Health:

Boosts Immunity

With a strong gut lining, toxins face an essential barrier to the bloodstream. ION*Gut Health is the key to that reinforcement. It reawakens your bacterial and cellular troops to boost your powers of immunity.

Supports Digestion

When your gut is full of healthy bacteria, digestion is empowered to do its job, and digestion is a smooth process. ION*Gut Health helps create an internal environment in which what we ingest can be processed in the right way.

Alleviates Gluten Sensitivity

It’s not the case that gluten is difficult to metabolize. It’s the case that an unhappy, stressed gut finds it a hard  job  to  do. ION*Gut Health soothes inflammation by promoting intelligence in the gut to regulate the flow of nutrients and water and achieve biomic balance.

Enhances Mental Clarity

Neurotransmitters are made in the gut, and the gut is constantly in contact with the central nervous system. ION*Gut Health encourages that connection so that the brain receives the clearest signals from the strongest transmitters.