Invigorating Bodywork Combo {Kapha Bliss} 2018-10-08T17:59:23+00:00

Project Description

—Invigorating Bodywork Combo—

Uplifting for those who feel physically or mentally heavy, Invigorating Kapha Bliss Massage purifies the lymphatic system and stimulates detoxification. This is a blood-moving, full-body massage that uses a heating, aromatic blend of oils such as lemon, clary sage, and clove. Clear out any upper body congestion with an aromatic herbal steam, followed by a cup of warm ginger tea. This treatment is often best enjoyed in the late winter or early spring.

  • investment: $135.00
  • duration: 120 minutes
  • practitioner: Laura Smith


I have had numerous massages from various practitioners all over the globe but none are as good as Laura’s. She invites us into a realm of beauty and nurturance as we enter a climate of ideal conditions: a warm room, warm oils, soft lighting, peaceful music.

She is a lovely human being, exuding joy, understanding and calm; her massages demonstrate her art as a healer. Laura is able to “read” people’s needs, and she ministers accordingly.

I believe there is a profound benefit beyond the physical; I feel euphoric many days after, thanks to her healing touch. I send friends and family to her on a regular basis. We depart our massages with a deep sense of peacefulness and ease and wellness.

We are so fortunate to have Laura in our community!