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Project Description


Hypnotherapy helps to change the character of your life by supporting the revelation of your own personal truths. As deep relaxation reduces the speed and claustrophobia of the mind, subtle energy patterns of frustration and negativity can be revealed. Frozen emotional energies can move. Autonomy can be regained in situations where you have felt helpless and hopeless. You can find—and change—the programs that reside in your subconscious mind.

Initial Session:

Initial sessions are for clients who are new to hypnotherapy. We will identify what you want to address, and you will be guided through a powerful but gentle hypnotherapy practice. You will leave the appointment feeling calmed and more at ease.

  • investment: $75.00
  • duration: 90 minutes
  • practitioner: Laura Smith

Follow-up Sessions:

Follow-up appointments are part of the process. Facilitating greater change in repatterning your programs is best done with ongoing support. We offer packages of three appointments at a discounted rate.

  • investment: $60.00 (single appointment); $175.00 (package of 3 appointments)
  • duration: 60 minutes
  • practitioner: Laura Smith