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Project Description

—Custom Herbal Formulas—

  • Do you have digestive issues?
  • Do you have less-than-ideal elimination?
  • Does your mind race—like, all the time?
  • Are you generally pissed off at the state of things?
  • Are you run-down and exhausted?

Herbal formulas to the rescue!

We have abundant plant allies that we can call on in times of need. Herbs are so much more than what we use in cooking to add flavor. They are potent carriers of nature’s wisdom, and they gladly offer up their resources to us. How fortunate are we?!

If you are interested in learning more about plant medicines, please read our informative blog post about working with herbs.

Custom herbal formulas are a common recommendation included in our Ayurvedic Health Consultations. Herbs are generally inexpensive; your cost for the entire formula will generally be under $1/day. Please note:

  • We add a modest charge for the time spent in designing and researching herbs for your custom formula.
  • While we prefer that you have the sensory experience of tasting your formula, there are times when it is preferable to take capsules (ie: during travel or if the formula is intensely bitter). We are able to do encapsulation of your herbal formula for a additional fee.

Are you ready to get started?

Your custom-designed herbal formula awaits you.

What our clients have to say…

Great experience. Katrina gave me exactly what I asked for ~ in the form that works for me. I’m very appreciative. Thanks so much!


I can’t believe how much I have changed over the course of this year because of Ayurveda (she says as she sips her lime rose water). I am so much closer to my true self, and rarely lose my shit anymore. Excellent perks!