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Project Description

—Cleanses & Resets {Pancha Karma}—

Do you suffer from:

  • skin break-outs or rashes?
  • strong cravings for foods that you know are bad for you?
  • a thickly coated tongue?
  • dull appetite?
  • digestive upset?
  • bloating and/or frequent gas?
  • sluggish elimination or constipation?
  • generalized aches and pains?
  • fatigue?
  • headaches?
  • a foggy brain or poor memory?

These are all signs that your body has an overload of stored toxicity (ie: “ama”) and is struggling to stay healthy. Ayurveda has a strong and lucid understanding of how best to rid the body-mind of all forms of toxicity (ie: anything that doesn’t actively promote health and wellness).

Let us guide you to a better life.

An Ayurvedic cleanse protocol is deeply nourishing and supportive. No deprivation here! Savor delicious and nutritious food. Relax into intentional bodywork therapies. Rekindle your digestive fire and zest for life. Allow your mind to release old patterns and tendencies. Set your spirit free. Surrender what is old and unnecessary so that you can make room for your authentic self.

Yes, cleansing can be an enjoyable process, filled with love. In fact, this is our specialty. 

We provide you with all of the materials that you need to be successful.

Are you ready to get started?

We offer several pathways for undergoing well-structured, intentional, guided Ayurvedic cleanses/resets, such as Pancha Karma (“PK”). We personalize these cleanses/resets according to your Ayurvedic constitution while taking into account any relevant considerations related to your health and wellness.

We are very pleased to offer a beautiful retreat space
for you to stay in while you move through Pancha Karma.

Turtle Haven Sanctuary offers sessions and classes in the Contemplative Arts, Spiritual Companionship, Yoga, and Psychotherapy. The Forest Hermitage provides a comfortable and beautiful retreat space where spiritual sustenance comes in the form of art, stillness and immersion in nature. The Hermitage, with the Nooksack River singing just across the road, is only a few moments walk from Turtle Haven whose magical grounds host much wildlife, a Labyrinth, shrine trails, river walks, forest paths and gardens.

Partaking in sacred and reflective space, either in solitude or in companionship, is never for ourselves alone, as it ripples out towards planetary healing, liberation and transformation of our global family.

Please contact us for more information:

What our clients have to say…

Honestly the best gift I have given myself in a long time. I am going to see my son tomorrow and ask him he would like to have the experience. Thanks again.  Thank you for your devotion to what you love and offering it to the community.


During the past two months I’ve found Ayurveda treatments helpful and illuminating. In particular, the five-day Bliss treatment was exceptional. I highly recommend it as a means to calm, rejuvenate, open and heal oneself. The practitioners offer professional, individualized healing treatments. They are knowledgeable and have loving passion for Ayurveda health care.