When my son entered his teen years and began voraciously consuming all of the food in the house, I looked for a way to purchase good quality groceries for less—and I found Azure Standard. What a god-send! I was able to provide organic foods (and household supplies) to my family without spending all of our money on it.

Ordering from Azure Standard is easy, and there are drop locations almost everywhere in the United States. The updated website works really well. You can save “favorites” in your account for items that you will order regularly. The prices are better than what most supermarkets charge for comparable goods. And Azure Standard has a huge catalog:

  • packaged foods
  • refrigerated foods
  • frozen foods
  • fresh foods
  • household items
  • bulk items

And Azure Standard is friendly to smaller households. You don’t have to order large quantities; you can order one box of something if that’s all that you want.

In these times of uncertainty (including economic) and supply lines disruption, I am again ordering from Azure Standard. Yes, I also still shop at the food co-op and other area supermarkets. Yes, I still shop at Costco. I think more options are better.

I really urge you to give Azure Standard a try.

(from Azure Standard’s website)

What We Do

What exactly do we do here at Azure?  Our main business is healthy food distribution through Azure Standard. We also grow food on our farms and manufacture unique healthful products.  And there are some less-obvious things we do…

We Distribute Healthy Products (almost nationwide)

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From our 62,400 square-foot warehouse in Moro, Oregon, we send healthy food and products to individuals, buying clubs, stores, restaurants, and manufacturers in all the States but those in the far Northeast.  (We’re planning to come your way sometime soon!)  We’ve tried to make it easy for you to get all of your groceries in one place, knowing that each product is vetted for quality and healthfulness.  Whether you’re looking for organic ice cream, specialty cheeses, bulk beans, or potato chips, you’ll find it here.  We also sell nutritional supplementshealth & beauty products, household necessitiesanimal feed & pet food, and gardening items.  See a full overview of What We Sell.

With a dedicated team of about 100 people working in our warehouse, we fill orders to be sent by truck on our delivery routes and by parcel carrier such as UPS or USPS.  By delivering to barge lines in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco, even folks in Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. Territories can get good food from Azure.


The long-term effects of our work here at Azure goes far beyond just selling and delivering good food.  We do much more than that through the process of doing that.  A quick read through some of the testimonials we’ve received shows what a big positive influence Azure has had on people’s lives.  Can you include such intangible things as influence/trend-setting, support, and education to the list of things we “do” here at Azure?  Here are a few examples…

GMO Awareness

We were influential in drawing attention to the issues surrounding GMOs early on.  We not only published the results of our GMO questionnaires as they came in from our suppliers, but offered books, and articles to inform people of the dangers.  And we followed up on the subject with an interview with Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology.  Would the word of the dangers of GMOs have spread so far and wide if we hadn’t shared this timely information with all of our customers? (Rest assured that we only sell non-GMO products at Azure.  See our Product Standards.)

Glyphosate and Round-up Awareness

Along with the dangers of GMOs comes the issue of increased use of dangerous herbicides on “Round-up Ready” GMO crops.  David Stelzer has produced a video correlating this increased use of glyphosate with increased gut problems such as gluten intolerance.  A subtle shift from conventionally grown foods, to glyphosate-free organic foods is happening in this country.  Setting the trend toward healthy food grown in healthy soil is what we do.

A Sense of Community

By providing a model for selling food that includes Drop Points where good people come together to pick up their orders, we’re creating a bond in our communities.  You are able to get support and healthful advice from fellow Azure customers at these Drop Points.  Friendships form.  We’re happy this is something we can “do” to make life a little better.

Continuing Education: Never Stop Learning

Everyone is on their own path to better health.  Some have been perfecting their diet and lifestyle for years, while others are just starting that journey to move away from foods and habits that will make them sick.  We do our best to share what we know so that everyone can make incremental improvement in their health, no matter where they are at right now.  Educating, sharing, and encouraging are things we “do” here at Azure.