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Project Description

—Marma Massage—

  • Do you need to de-stress?
  • Do you need to be taken care of?
  • Are you burned out, exhausted, fried?
  • Are you on edge?

We can tend to you.

Ayurveda calls the acupressure points “Marma points.” You won’t care what name we use; you’ll be glad that they helped you deeply relax.

Marma points allow access to your body’s inner biochemical pharmacy, releasing hormones and neurotransmitters to promote your body’s own ability to heal.

Marma massage uses gentle hands-on pressure. We might use organic essential oils, kansa wands, and tuning forks to deepen your experience.

You will be clothed for the entire treatment. This modality is perfect for those who have never experienced massage before, who want to spend more time on the table, and who prefer to stay covered.

The benefits of Marma Massage include:

  • reduced toxins and metabolic wastes
  • reduced pain
  • deep relaxation
  • improved sleep

1 hour


Katrina Svoboda Johnson

Are you ready to deeply relax?

Katrina will do the work; you get to sleep and disconnect.

What our clients have to say…

Great experience. Katrina gave me exactly what I asked for ~ in the form that works for me. I’m very appreciative. Thanks so much!


I can’t believe how much I have changed over the course of this year because of Ayurveda (she says as she sips her lime rose water). I am so much closer to my true self, and rarely lose my shit anymore. Excellent perks!