Ayurvedic Herbs, Foods & Practices to Build Ojas & Rejuvenate

June 13 and 14. Friday and Saturday.

“The strength of ojas is what determines whether or not internal and external factors create disease,”  Dr. Vasant Lad

Ojas is the immunity, vigor and vitality that maintains our health and “juiciness” at the deepest levels and provides resilience to dis-ease as well as the intensity of our modern world. The seat of consciousness resides in the heart, along with ojas, which is the pure essence of all bodily tissues.  Join me to learn practical, tasty tips to increase ojas and rejuvenate our bodies, minds and spirits.

American Herbalists Guild – Washington Chapter presents: factors create Green Gathering: An Herbal Retreat. Location: Camano State Park

Instructor: Juliet Jivanti, Ayurvedic Practitioner