Autumn Ayurvedic Rejuvenating Group Home Cleanse

November 5th. Wednesday.  6:00- 9:00 p.m. Instructional Gathering. Includes organic dinner of kitchari and cleansing tea

November 10th-14th are the recommended group cleanse dates.

Across cultures and throughout history, people have always performed cleanses. Why? Seasonal cleansing offers many benefits:

  • Transition through winter without colds/flus
  • Increase and stabilize energy levels
  • Balance weight- losing or gaining (depending on the imbalance)
  • Enhance sleep
  • Strengthen digestion
  • Create mental clarity

Learn the art of relaxation, rejuvenation and gentle cleansing through the ancient Ayurvedic panchakarma cleanse. This fully supported, guided, group cleanse will (re)establish healthy patterns that will emotionally and physically prepare you for winter in the most wonderful way. You’ll learn about the kitchari mono diet, appropriate cleansing teas, healthful ayurvedic home practices, how to strengthen your digestion- all based on your unique body-type/dosha. This cleanse was created for our community as an easy, affordable introduction to the ayurvedic cleanse to promote deep healing. If you’d like to learn more about the traditional panchakarma cleanse, click here.You’ll also learn many useful tips about how to blissfully and gently incorporate healing practices into your daily, (usually busy) lives. Many participants do the group cleanse with us again and again because they get fabulous results and find the group support very inspiring. 

Preregistration and prepayment required. Please call to register or address any questions. Limited to 10 participants. We encourage you to register early. No online registration available for this event.

$149 per participant.

CLEANSE INCLUDES: Recipes, organic herbal formulas and teas, organic body oils, nasya oil, complete instructions and guided support. A 20 page customized cleansing booklet, workshop and pre and post cleanse group meetings are also included. Additional cleanse treatments are optional.