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Our Treatments

Classic Ayurvedic body treatments are designed for each person and utilize constitutionally appropriate organic herbalized oils to purify, relax, rejuvenate, and balance. 

Our treatments are available to everyone. An Ayurvedic consultation is not required prior to scheduling a treatment. 

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 Abhyanga Massage {Nourishing Oil Massage}

This treatment is everyone’s favorite Ayurvedic massage!

Abhyanga begins with a dry massage using raw silk gloves to open the pores of the skin and relax the muscles. This dry massage is followed by massaging the entire body with classical warm, herb-infused oils to nourish the tissues with vital fluids, remove obstructions in the body channels, and flush wastes and toxins from the system. Marmas (important junction points in the energy system) are stimulated to help regain balance of energy flow in the body.

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Bliss Therapies

This treatment is perfect for when you are in need of some serious pampering—or when you are completely fried and need to be put back together again.

A trifecta of luscious wellness, the Bliss Therapies combine Abhyanga Nourishing Oil Massage, Swedana Sudation Therapy, and Shirodhara to leave your body fully relaxed and your mind completely at peace.

Bliss ensues; there is no option.

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Chant Practices {Mantra}

Mantra—working intentionally with the voice—is a powerful ally when used as part of a daily wellness routine. Mantra is a ritualized form of chanting.

There are many different chants that can be used, depending on what effect you intend to achieve; mantra is done for a purpose. It is often handed down from teacher to student. Mantra should never be done casually or irreverently, and students benefit most by having a teacher initiate them into the use of mantra.

Let our trained practitioners guide you in finding your mantra.

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Grounding Vata Bliss Massage

AHC-Grounding-Vata-Bliss-148x148This treatment is warming and calming and melts away tension. It is beneficial for those with excess air and ether elements in the mind or body. It is also highly beneficial to receive Grounding Vata Bliss Massage during the colder, windier seasons when Vata dosha is naturally aggravated. This treatment soothes nerves and nourishes dry skin with a warm, orange-scented sesame oil and includes heated river rocks. Soak brittle fingernails in warm oil and then enjoy a cup of hot organic tea.

• Schedule Grounding Vata Bliss.

Heart Treatment {Hrid Basti}

Hrid Basti is a treatment focused on restoring balance to the heart region of the chest.

While you are kept warm and cozy, a dough dam is placed on your sternum and filled with traditional organic Ayurvedic herbal oils. This method concentrates and facilitates deep healing right where you need it. The oils we use nourish both the physical and emotional heart to deliver deep healing.

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Knee Treatment {Janu Basti}

Janu Basti is a treatment focused specifically on bringing pain relief to the knees. This is particularly helpful and therapeutic for people who are recovering from knee injuries as well as for people who have had—or who are considering undergoing—knee joint replacement surgery.

Traditional, organic, and doshically-appropriate Ayurvedic herbalized oils are used. A dough-dam holds the oil in place to direct its healing benefit to the knee structure.

• Schedule Janu Basti.

Marma Massage

The vedic version of acupressure work, Marma massage is deeply relaxing. A Marma massage session helps to improve the flow and circulation of energy through the channels of the body (blood, lymph, nerves).

Great for someone who has never before received bodywork, Marma massage is typically done using gentle pressure and with the client clothed. Use of a tuning fork may be used for added benefit.

• Schedule Marma Massage.

Netra Basti Eye Treatment

This treatment will amaze you in its simplicity and effectiveness. Netra Basti is an eye treatment used to rejuvenate tired eyes (hello, computer users!) as well as those with dry eyes, poor vision, or glaucoma.

In this treatment the eyes are bathed in warm organic ghee. This releases stress and tension and even reduces fine lines. Deeply restorative for the eyes, optic nerve, and entire nervous system, Netra Basti reduces both Pitta and Vata doshas.

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Pinda Sveda Massage

This traditional treatment reduces fatigue, decreases pain, and lowers anxiety. It is also deeply warming to your bones. The soft herbal warmth leaves you feeling strengthened and refreshed.

Pinda Sveda is a traditional treatment in which soft boluses are steeped in warm oil and massaged on the body for a soothing, gentle, topical application. The boluses contain herbs and rice that have been cooked in milk and tonifying herbs—and then wrapped in cotton cloth.

• Schedule Pinda Sveda.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful way to support the female body as it transitions through the various stages of pregnancy. It reduces stress and promotes wellness. Pregnancy massage eases tight back muscles and stiff necks. Pregnancy massage also moves lymph fluid, which is so important for reducing swelling in the mother’s body and avoiding stagnation. It soothes the nervous system, promoting better sleep and easing an overactive mind.

Great care is taken to ensure that the mother is completely comfortable and that the abdomen is well supported.

• Schedule Pregnancy Massage.

Refreshing Pitta Bliss Massage

AHC&WS pitta head-massage-148x148Best enjoyed during the summer months (Pitta season) or by those with an excessive amount of Pitta dosha (the fire element) in the mind and/or body, Refreshing Pitta Bliss Massage is luxurious and cooling and includes a full-body coconut oil abhyanga massage, facial massage, and rose water facial mist.

This treatment concludes with a delicious cup of cooling herbal tea.

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Structural Integration

AHC&WS structural integration-148x148

Structural Integration (aka Rolfing) is a form of deep-tissue manual therapy that spans 11 sessions. It facilitates a more natural and easeful positioning of the human structure within gravity by addressing the suspensory nature of the human body. Structural Integration is effective at treating chronic pain syndromes and is also an excellent modality for athletic performance. As a result of going through the SI series, clients experience increased stability, mobility, and energy.

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Udvartana Exfoliating Massage

42-22735733Finely ground herbal powders are gently rubbed into the body in this dry massage. The herbal powders are chosen according to what will most benefit the body type of the client. Urdvartana is traditionally the final detoxifying step after an abhyanga oil massage. It gently stimulates, exfoliates, smoothes, and tones the skin. It is also an excellent method to reduce excess adipose tissue, impart mobility to the joints, and strengthen muscles. If added after a massage, urdvartana is 10 minutes.

• Schedule Udvartana.

Ayurvedic Face Lift

AHC&WS ayurvedic facial

Something magical happens simply by working on the face: cares melt away and everything comes into a softer focus.

In an Ayurvedic Facial, your entire body will let go, and your energy will shift into a roomier and more peaceful place. You will shine again. Experience how this unique combination of gentle balancing touch, use of the vital energy points, and stimulating head massage will re-energize your face and whole being.

Schedule Ayurvedic Face Lift.

Breath Practices {Pranayama}

Working intentionally with the breath is one of the most potent allies we have in maintaining our health and wellness. For example, if you are feeling overheated, you can do a Pranayama with a cooling effect. Similarly, if you are cold, you can do a warming Pranayama.

A Pranayama practice helps to balance the flow of breath, energy, oxygen, and prana that moves into and out of the nostrils and to positively affect the activity of the two hemispheres of the brain. Pranayama is: portable, flexible, simple, and free.

Allow our trained practitioners guide you through implementing a personalized pranayama practice.

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Garshan Massage

AHC-Garshan-148x148An energizing and oil-free massage using raw silk gloves, Garshan stimulates lymph flow and the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes (ama). Garshan also increases circulation, aids in cellulite reduction, and brings a glow to the skin through exfoliation.

Garshan is a very nice addition to Vivesh massage or as a short stand-alone treatment.

• Schedule Garshan.

Harmonizing Mind Treatment {Shirodhara}

AHC-Shirodhara-148x148One of our most popular treatments, Shirodhara uses a steady stream of warm herbal oil poured onto the forehead and crown. In a word, it’s luscious.

This subtle therapy induces a profound sense of peace and well-being, balances emotions, harmonizes the hemispheres of the brain, calms the mind, and reduces Vata dosha. Shirodhara also brings awareness to the third eye. Organic herbalized oils are customized to your individual doshic constitution.

Shirodhara will draw your attention inwards as you focus awareness on your third eye.

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Invigorating Kapha Bliss massage

AHC&WS invigorating kapha bliss-148x148Uplifting for those who feel physically or mentally heavy from excessive Earth and Water elements, Invigorating Kapha Bliss Massage purifies the lymphatic system and stimulates detoxification. This is a blood-moving, full-body massage that uses a heating, aromatic blend of oils such as lemon, clary sage, and clove. Clear out any upper body congestion with an aromatic herbal steam, followed by a cup of warm ginger tea. This treatment is often best enjoyed in the late winter or early spring.

• Schedule Invigorating Kapha Bliss.

Low-Back Treatment {Kati Basti}

Kati Basti is a treatment that is especially helpful in reducing experiences of low back pain and sciatica.

A traditional and organic Ayurvedic herbalized oil that contains over twenty herbs penetrates and nourishes the tissues of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems to reduce Vata dosha and to deliver deep healing. A dough-dam holds the oil in place to direct its healing benefit to the knee structure.

• Schedule Kati Basti.

Nasya Sinus Treatment

AHC-Nasya-148x148Nasya provides sinus rejuvenation by administering and utilizing a small amount of warm herbalized oils into the nostrils. These oils are organic and are chosen to work with the client’s doshic constitution.

This treatment nourishes, lubricates, purifies, and cleanses the nasal passages.

Used to treat symptoms “from the neck up,” nasya sinus treatment is effective at reducing nasal and sinus congestion, allergies, headaches, and shoulder and neck tension.

• Schedule Nasya.

Pancha Karma

We offer several pathways for undergoing well-structured, intentional, guided Ayurvedic cleanses/resets, such as Pancha Karma (“PK”). We personalize these cleanses/resets according to your Ayurvedic constitution while taking into account any relevant considerations related to your health and wellness.

An Ayurvedic cleanse protocol is deeply nourishing and supportive. Savor delicious and nutritious food. Relax into intentional bodywork therapies. Rekindle your digestive fire and zest for life. Allow your mind to release old patterns and tendencies. Set your spirit free. Surrender what is old and unnecessary so that you can make room for your authentic self.

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Post-Partum Massage

Post-Partum Massage is special because it involves techniques that assist the ribcage and pelvis to shift back to their pre-pregnancy alignment while simultaneously supporting sacral and cranial movement with gentle holds. The massage incorporates gentle strokes that ease the relocation of the internal organs that have been pressed upward during pregnancy. Repetitive downward stroking reminds the organs of their original placement by stimulating cellular memory. This is a much-needed treat for the new mother!

• Schedule Post-Partum Massage.

Somassage Therapy

AHC&WS somassage-148x148Somassage® is a deep, transformative bodywork that addresses myofascia and muscles with the intention of holistically balancing the body within the field of gravity. It begins with side-lying positions and moves from front to back work in order to contact all the lines of fascia. It is an energizing treatment that reminds the body of the principles of alignment and suspension mechanics while also deeply soothing the nervous system. Leave in a more alert, responsive state of aliveness.

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Swedana Steam Therapy

Steam therapy has been used since ancient times to detoxify the body. In Ayurvedic bodywork, Swedana ideally follows an abhyanga massage to purify the bodily tissues and the sweat glands. This procedure also removes stiffness, heaviness, coldness, and inflammation, as well as pacifying any vitiated doshas. Important junction points in the energy system are stimulated to help regain balance of the energy flow in the body. If added after a massage, Swedana is 15 minutes long.

• Schedule Swedana.

Vivesh Massage

AHC&WS vivesh-148x148A deep-tissue form of Ayurvedic massage that focuses on the musculoskeletal system, Vivesh uses doshically-appropriate oils with special massage strokes that are designed to break up fibrous scar tissue. This reinvigorates aching muscles and joints. Your specific accumulated mental, emotional, and physical stresses are released as the aromatic oils penetrate the tissue layers for deep relief.

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