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Our Consultations

Ayurvedic health and wellness consultations will show you the way
to making lasting changes in your life that will better support you in health and wellness.

Let our highly trained practitioners help you come to better balance.
We will add life to your years as well as years to your life. 

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Ayurvedic Health Consultation

Do you want to feel better in your body and make positive changes in your health and wellness? When you are ready for a comprehensive, holistic, and integrated approach, we are ready to work collaboratively with you to make that happen.

Ayurveda’s intelligence lies in its understanding of the rhythms and building blocks of nature. We all fit into that framework, and we all can find answers here. With this information, along with guidance from our skilled practitioners, we can all return to—and, more importantly, stay in—balance.

We will co-create a treatment protocol that is easy for you to implement so that you can return to a joyful and productive life.

• Schedule an Initial Ayurvedic Health appointment (120 minutes).
• Schedule a follow-up Ayurvedic Health appointment (60 minutes).

Emotional Freedom Technique

How do we heal the emotional body? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a method of clearing emotionally charged issues and obstacles from the body/mind. Tapping on endpoints (marma points) of the body’s meridians while holding difficult issues in the mind actually releases the hold of emotional triggers that causes suffering. It’s easy and will amaze you with its potential to clear blockages.

• Schedule an Initial EFT appointment (90 minutes).
• Schedule a follow-up EFT appointment (60 minutes).


Hypnotherapy helps to change the character of your life by supporting the revelation of your own personal truths. As deep relaxation reduces the speed and claustrophobia of the mind, subtle energy patterns of frustration and negativity can be revealed. Frozen emotional energies can move. Autonomy can be regained in situations where you have felt helpless and hopeless. You can find and change the programs that reside in your subconscious mind.

• Schedule an Initial Hypnotherapy appointment (90 minutes).
• Schedule a follow-up Hypnotherapy appointment (60 minutes).

Space Clearing {Vastu Shastra}

Known as the Vedic version of Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra is the science of creating effective interior design. In this session we clear old stagnant energetic patterns from your home or office. We ensure that the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) are well balanced and that there is optimal flow throughout your space. You will find that you simply feel more at-home in your space and that you are more productive in your work.

• Schedule a Space Clearing appointment (120 minutes).

Cannabis Advising

Let’s bring therapeutic cannabis use into the light. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Advisor, Laura is ready to join you in exploring your personal relationship with cannabis. The healing properties of cannabis and endocannabinoids are still being uncovered. There is a growing body of data to explore. Including an Ayurvedic perspective on the energetics of cannabis can help you find balance without getting depleted. Come share your thoughts, explore the possibilities, and get support creating a safe plan.

• Schedule a Cannabis Advising appointment (60 minutes).

Constitutional Assessment

When all you want is to know your Ayurvedic constitution (aka prakruti), this is the appointment for you.

We will make a determination of your constitution through a four-pronged approach (pulse reading, tongue reading, doshic assessment of the physical body’s characteristics, and life-long tendencies particular to your body-mind). We will include personalized recommendations for your body-mind type regarding food choices and lifestyle practices that you can easily implement.

• Schedule a Constitutional Assessment appointment (90 minutes).

Energetic Psychology

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, or stagnant on your journey of healing? Ayurveda encompasses an energetic psychology to bring balance to the mind. Years of working on our own healing have taught us that Ayurvedic tools can bring clarity and relief to both mind & spirit. If you need support, nurturance, or inspiration—or are exploring how nature’s forces are at work in your personal evolution—an Ayurvedic counseling session will bring you relief.

*Note: This session will include talking and hypnotherapy and does *not* include a health history intake.

• Schedule an Energetic Psychology appointment (90 minutes).
• Schedule a Energetic Psychology appointment (60 minutes).

Medical Astrology

Vedic astrology (Jyotish) is a powerful tool for shedding light on genetic predispositions for health challenges that you may have been born with. Your birth chart shows tendencies for imbalances in the physical body, the digestive tract, and overall vitality, to name a few areas. Fortunately, Ayurveda provides the means for addressing these challenges through its shared understanding of the five elements and three doshas.

This reading will focus on “Medical Astrology” only. You will receive a copy of your birth chart and detailed recommendations at the appointment.

• Schedule a Medical Astrology appointment (60 minutes).