We offer a collection of Ayurvedic health and wellness services, loosely organized as Consultations, Bodywork/Massage, Treatments, and Pancha Karma.


One-on-one consultations focus on learning where you are now in your life and where you would like to be, in terms of your health and wellness. You have access to modalities such as Ayurveda, Hypnotherapy, and Ayurvedic Astrology—as well as tools for building a personal practice via chanting, breathwork, and/or meditation. If you are ready to move forward and bring about the transformation you are looking for, schedule a consultation with us.


Many people recognize the value of receiving regular (or even occasional) massage for relaxation and overall wellness support. We offer a few massage options, tailored to the Ayurvedic dosha that needs help right now. We also offer deeper Integrative Bodywork that is held over 11-sessions and is helpful for realigning your posture and unwinding old injuries. We can even address specific regions of the body that need targeted support, such as the low back, knee, heart, and eyes. When you are ready to work at the tissue level, schedule a treatment with us.

Pancha Karma

Ayurveda’s premier tool—one that is not duplicated in any other system—is Pancha Karma, an individualized reset program where you set aside the rigors and routine of everyday life to take care of nothing but you. We build a complete protocol for you that includes a week of luscious bodywork treatments, lots of rest, wholesome nourishing food, and a chance to clear away what is no longer needed. Read more about our Pancha Karma here.

Seasonal Offerings

Ayurveda works closely with the rhythms of nature and knows that the different seasons bring different self-care needs. If you are an established client and are ready to incorporate seasonal practices, schedule a visit with us.

Group Classes & Events

We’re life-long learners, and we enjoy sharing what we’ve learned. We also love bringing community together. Take a peek at what our up-coming schedule holds.