Oil Pulling (aka Oil Swishing) is a practice of putting sesame oil in your mouth and swishing it around, as you would with mouthwash. The point of this is to be vigorous so that the oil is pulled through the spaces between your teeth.

Sesame seeds are very high in calcium, which is beneficial for bone tissue, teeth, and the gums of your mouth. (This is why we recommend sesame oil over coconut oil, although you can use that if you prefer it.)

Oil Pulling offers many benefits to those who practice it. It is low risk and is appropriate to do during all stages of life.

  • reduced gum inflammation
  • reduced bad breath
  • improved receding gums
  • reduced tooth sensitivity
  • improved tooth whitening
  • fewer cavities

Oil Pulling is very effective at pulling bits of food out from the nooks and crannies of your mouth. I’ve personally had oil pulling loosen popcorn hulls from my gums that I didn’t even know were there. Watch this video to learn more!

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