Interview with the Ayurvedic Health Center

The Ayurvedic Health Center has been in Bellingham since 2006. That’s a long time! Bellinghamsters have been wonderfully supportive of the Ayurvedic Health Center over the years.

With the Ayurvedic Health Center now in her adolescence it seems like a good time to see where the Ayurvedic Health Center is now and what the future looks like.

You have been a vital part of the wellness community in Bellingham and Whatcom county for several years now. Despite this longevity, what do you think that your neighbors don’t know about you, that they should know?

I love being in Bellingham! This is such a great community and a beautiful part of the country. We are lucky to be here.

Because I’ve been here for such a long time, it’s probably worth gently reminding you that Ayurveda is a 5,000+ year old system. So, I have a wealth of ancient wisdom behind me. I can capably help you, and I am eager to do so. I have cultivated a safe and comfortable space. In my practice I am flexible and adaptable to your needs and situation; I will meet you where you are.

Thank you for sharing that. Some people feel put-off by Ayurveda. It feels exotic or esoteric or too ancient or incompatible with contemporary culture.

I like to say that Ayurveda is everyone’s medicine. Yes, it originated in a culture that is very different from ours. But it is highly adaptable and flexible. Ayurveda is based on a set of principles that endure over time and across civilizations.

What are these principles?

Ayurveda’s genius is that it shows us how the patterns and rhythms of nature are a part of us. We live in a time of tremendous technological advances. We are so lucky to have devices such as cell phones to connect us over great distances. But we tend to forget that we are a part of nature. And we really do best when we are working with nature. So, Ayurveda is wonderful for re-connecting us with our biorhythms.

Wow. I hadn’t thought of that. That must be why I feel better when I take a walk in the woods.

Yes, that’s exactly why you feel better when you take a walk in the woods. This is my work—guiding people back to themselves. I am here to be an integral part of your healing journey. I am ready to help you:

  • feel—and get—better
  • understand the mysteries of your body
  • grow spiritually
  • map out a plan for making positive changes
  • learn about nutrition and food sovereignty
  • understand why ancient Vedic wisdom is relevant today

Wow. These are all great things! How do you make this happen?

I have so many tools available to me, to help you!

  • We can do consultation work around dietary choices that you could be making.
  • You can receive deeply therapeutic massage and bodywork that is specifically targeted to what’s going on for you.
  • I could design a custom herbal formula for what ails ya.
  • We could talk about what kinds of exercise would be best for you.
  • I could guide you through an individualized cleanse and digestive reset protocol.
  • You could attend an educational class or workshop.

Really, the sky is the limit. Since Ayurveda is based on a 5-element model, we have so many therapies at our disposal. We will find something that will easily work for you.

This is so exciting! It sounds like it would be easy to incorporate Ayurveda into my life.

Yes, it really is. We all take it one step at a time. We’ll go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

I like that. What do you think people don’t know about you that they need to know?

I would like people to know that my approach is nonjudgmental, is relevant to your life, and is adaptable to your circumstances. Ayurveda is for everyone. I am eager to help you. I have a diverse set of tools to call on and will co-create a doable plan of action with you. People say that I am sweet, cute, witty, quirky, and funny. I am also your fiercely loving advocate and guide. I am only waiting for you to show up and roll up your sleeves, ready to get to work.

OK then! You are ready and rarin’ to go! What else are you offering people in Bellingham and Whatcom county?

This may sound grandiose, but I am offering people nothing short of enlightenment! When you understand why you are out of balance and—more importantly—how you can get back into balance, you become enlightened. You have an “a-ha” moment. This is transformational! It is huge. It makes such a difference. You become empowered and inspired. You have better energy. You are ready to do what seemed impossible just a short time before.

I hold the keys to unlock a better life, a better you. I am really good at demystifying and simplifying what seems confusing. I am offering you:

  • hope and a solution
  • acceptance
  • sangha (community) with like-minded folks
  • a place to learn and grow
  • a space in which to join others in practice

How do you see yourself evolving in the future?

I see this center being even more vibrant and dynamic than it already is. I have a vision of it thrumming along, full of vital prana that energizes the students and clients who come here—and that radiates out into the surrounding city and county.

In truth, I have had dreams of a light-filled space jam-packed with gorgeous plants, a tea bar, and various comfortable seating options so that you could visit with your neighbors and transition gracefully from your Shirodhara treatment before going back out into the busy world.

I have astrally visited a large classroom space where a kirtan was in full swing. Gifted musicians lead a full house in chanting ancient healing mantras while I stood in the back, a maternal steward who ensured that all was running smoothly and who beamed with pride at what has taken shape, what has flourished for the betterment of all.

I perceive a location that is situated in nature. Maybe it includes an herb garden, maybe a patch (or 30) of dahlias. Maybe a shady maple tree to sit under in the heat of summer. It is definitely quiet and serene and peaceful, a reminder that we are deeply connected to—and of—nature. When we come here regularly we can witness the unfolding cycles of the seasons while tending to the same shifts that occur within us.

And all of this is held within the three pillars of sangha (community), kosha (protection and nourishment), and guru (what enlightens). I look forward to having you join us!

I am so there!

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