We can do a lot with making supportive food and lifestyle choices. And we can do more when we add the support of herbal products into the mix.

We have partnered with Banyan Botanicals to curate a selection of high quality herbal supplements that really elevate the Blissful Belly program.

These herbs will:

  • expedite the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes from your body
  • help you digest your foods better
  • supplement your nutrition
  • support healthy liver function

The Blissful Belly program introduces you to some new herbs (pleased to meet you, gurmar!)—and makes use of some of the usual ones (we see you, turmeric!).

Our focus is always on using herbs that are organic, fair trade, sustainably sourced, healthy, and effective. Noah and Katrina take these herbs themselves and recommend them to their clients, so you know that these are safe and reliable.

Get your copy now!

You can order the Blissful Belly as a printed book, a Kindle book, or an ePub.

In this book you will discover how to:

  • reduce and prevent post-meal bloating
  • get past an overloaded digestive system 
  • soothe a sensitive and irritated gut
  • use your mind to digest better
  • deal with stress and its effect on digestion 

You will also learn to:

  • determine your unique constitution and how to personalize your diet
  • understand how poor digestion can lead to disease
  • learn how to make better food choices
  • easily prepare over 40 recipes
  • incorporate powerful lifestyle guidelines
  • be inspired by resources which help make healthy eating easy