• Do you have digestive issues?
  • Do you have less-than-ideal elimination?
  • Does your mind race—like, all the time?
  • Are you generally pissed off at the state of things?
  • Are you run-down and exhausted?

Herbal formulas to the rescue!

We have abundant plant allies that we can call on in times of need. Herbs are so much more than a way to add flavor to what we cook and eat. They are potent carriers of nature’s wisdom, and they gladly offer up their resources to us. How fortunate are we?!

Ayurveda has a sophisticated philosophy and science around the use of herbs as therapeutic tools. This wisdom has been in use for over 5,000 years; it is reliable.

Ayurveda, the “Science of Life,” is very interested in granting us all a long life—and a healthy joyful life: adding years to your life and life to your years. To this end Ayurveda has a well-known and highly regarded understanding of alchemy. Rasa Shastra makes extensive use of healing items, even when that means modifying materials that are normally harmful into powerful medicines though time-consuming refinement processes.

Considerations when Designing and Herbal Formula

A well-trained Ayurvedic herbalist takes into account:

  • your constitution
  • any symptoms and imbalances that are present
  • the desired actions of the herbal formula
  • the qualities and energetics of the herbs
  • therapeutic dosing
  • the goal or intent of the formula
  • creating a harmonious blend
  • your ease of using the formula
  • when to take your formula
  • making sure that the herbs get to the place where they can do their work.

Herbal Formulas r/t Over-the-Counter supplements

Many of our Ayurvedic clients directly benefit from having an herbal formula designed just for them. There is a distinct advantage to working with your formula over using a mass-produced over-the-counter option (although those have their place, too):

  • potency of the herbs is assured
  • you specifically get the herbs that will help your situation—no more, no less
  • there are no fillers, preservatives, binders, coatings, etc
  • you are assured of high quality, organic ingredients

Formula Efficacy

A formula is typically taken for an initial 60 day period. During this time period we assess the formula’s efficacy. Depending on your experience of the formula (and how faithful you are to taking it), we have several options:

  • continue the formula as is
  • modify the formula in some way
  • modify the dosing of the formula
  • less often, stop taking the formula and find another way to get the job done.

Herbs r/t Pharmaceuticals

Many clients come to us with a current or past history of using pharmaceuticals. This is typical at a time when Western medicine relies on synthetic lab-created medicines to deliver quick powerful healing. While there is a time and a place for using pharmaceuticals, many people are returning to natural medicines which deliver their potency with gentleness, in a supportive manner, and by working with your body rather than waging war against it.

Using herbal formulas has several advantages over taking pharmaceuticals:

  • Taking your herbs is an interactive process; taking pharmaceuticals is passive. You become invested in your herbal formula when you measure your dose and combine it with, say milk or water, to take it. Your energy becomes infused with the formula, increasing the potency of its medicinal qualities.
  • By tasting your herbs the body knows which digestive enzymes—and in which proportion—to secrete to effectively digest and get the benefit of your herbs.
  • Herbs are all-natural; there is nothing synthetic about them. We are of nature, and our bodies can easily make use of herbal constituents.
  • There are no side-effects with herbs.
  • Herbs are easy to assimilate at a cellular level; herbal medicine is bio-available.
  • Herbs are balanced in their delivery of medicine since they contain whole plants rather than isolated extracts.
  • You get better value for your money.
  • You support multiple small businesses rather large multi-national corporations.

herbal tea containing: fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, flax seeds, astragalus, lavender flowers, and rosebuds

Herbal formulas can typically:

  • support immunity
  • enhance memory
  • aid effective digestion of meals
  • support healthy elimination
  • support weight loss (or weight gain)
  • support healthy liver function
  • calm an over-active mind
  • clear away mental cobwebs
  • provide a source of much-needed nutrition through inherent minerals and vitamins

Herbal formulas may be:

  • taken as a tea
  • eaten as a spice blend on your food
  • mixed into a drink with water, milk, or aloe vera
  • applied topically
  • infused into oils such as ghee and sesame oil.