Turmeric is quickly becoming known as a miraculous herb. Do a Google search of “turmeric,” and prepare to be amazed at the many properties this humble plant root possesses.

From “The Yoga of Herbs” by David Frawley and Vasant Lad (2001):
“Turmeric is an excellent natural antibiotic, while at the same time it strengthens digestion and helps improve intestinal flora… It not only purifies the blood, but also warms it and stimulates the formation of new blood tissue… It helps stretch the ligaments and is, therefore, good for the practice of hatha yoga… Turmeric promotes proper metabolism in the body, correcting both excesses and deficiencies. It aids in the digestion of protein… Externally it can be used with honey for sprains, strains, bruise or itch. It is tonic for the skin.”

How to Use Turmeric Paste

Turmeric paste can be used in a myriad of ways.

  • The simplest way is to add it to whatever cooking you are already doing, dropping in ¼–½ tsp. (or more!—up to 1 tbsp.)
  • You can add up to 1 tbsp. turmeric paste to warm milk, tea, or water for a simple and delicious beverage.
  • Mix turmeric paste with honey or maple syrup to make a sweet paste. You can then take this by rolling the cold turmeric paste into pea-sized balls and swallowing it with water.
  • Spread turmeric paste on slices of bread for sandwiches. You can combine the paste with any nut or seed butter to taste.
  • Make Golden Milk.

Tips & Warnings

  • Turmeric is more readily absorbed by your body’s digestive system if it is taken with a digestive-stimulating herb such as black pepper. You can make turmeric paste without the black pepper, if you wish.
  • To avoid developing mold on your turmeric paste, keep your it in the refrigerator, in a well-sealed glass container. A plastic container will stain yellow, and will, over time, take on the flavor of turmeric.
  • Avoid spilling or splashing the turmeric mixture while you are making the paste. Wear an apron. Wash all of your utensils thoroughly, and wipe up spills immediately. Turmeric stains everything yellow and can be difficult to get out.
  • If you do happen to get turmeric on fabric, particularly something white, wash the it and hang it in the sun to dry. This should remove the stain.

Make your own Turmeric Paste:

Turmeric powder is easily available at health food stores, at Indian food markets, and through online herb sources.