Simply put, drinking Rasa Tea promotes the watery tissues of the body.

Rasa is a Sanskrit word that means concepts such as “taste, juice, sap, water, and nectar.” In the physical body “rasa” refers to the watery fluids, such as lymph, mucous, and saliva. Our bodies are comprised of 70% water. Every one of the approximately 50 trillion cells in our bodies contains water. Even our bones are comprised of water.

Every day we lose water through our breath, perspiration, and urine and bowel movements. For the body to function properly, we must continually replenish its supply of water. Rasa Tea is one way to do that.

The ingredients in Rasa Tea are demulcent herbs. Demulcent herbs contain noticeable amounts of mucilage, which moistens, cools, decreases inflammation, and often stimulates local immune response. Demulcent herbs are capable of systemically moistening the whole body and providing much-needed moisture to places such as the lungs. Thus, Rasa Tea promotes the watery tissues of the body.

This tea smells, looks, and tastes great! To make your own Rasa Tea, follow this easy recipe: