Golden Milk is, frankly, a delicious, soothing, addictive beverage. Everyone who tries it falls in love with it. And that’s a good thing! Golden Milk is made with turmeric, an herb well-known for its many beneficial and healthful properties. (To read more about turmeric and its benefits, click here.)

Because Golden Milk is drunk warm, it is wonderful to drink during the winter months. (I won’t say that it’s better than hot chocolate, but it’s a close race!) Turmeric’s Pitta-balancing properties also make Golden Milk beneficial to take during the summer; just let it cool to room temperature before drinking.

I recommend Golden Milk be made with whole cow’s milk, but if you have sensitivities to cow’s milk or otherwise prefer to avoid it, you can substitute with rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk, or something similar; goat’s milk would probably be good, too, if a bit game-y.

Download your copy of the Golden Milk recipe by clicking on the image, below.