Are you feeling Worried,
Anxious, or Overwhelmed?

Let the soothing warmth of
Ayurvedic therapies
restore your calm.

You can replenish
your depleted energy
and feel supported
by the earth itself.

Ayurveda will fill your cup.

View our Vata-pacifying offerings.

Does Frustration Threaten
to Dominate your Life?

The calm, cool support of
Ayurveda can restore
your strength and ease.

Feel clear and capable
while open to the gifts
of each present moment.

Invite Ayurvedic wisdom
into your self-care toolkit.

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Are you Tired of Struggling?

Together we can find a way
to move forward with joy
into the new stages of your life.

You can feel lighter, energized,
and ready to let go of
what holds you back.

At the Ayurvedic Health Center
you don’t have to do it alone.

View our Kapha-pacifying offerings.