The Blissful Belly program combines the creators’ combined 40 years of experience in the healing arts to create a system and process for improved digestion. Both authors have lead hundreds of individuals through Ayurvedic programs of improved digestion, and this program is the culmination of their work. There are many challenges that can arise during a sixteen-day program, and we have incorporated a variety of tools into this program to help you be successful as possible:

The Blissful Belly program utilizes four distinct phases that keep you engaged and progressively expand your knowledge. By having four phases you keep moving forward towards your goal, and you avoid the struggle that can be associated with longer cleanse and reset programs.

The Blissful Belly program is based on the tridosha model of Ayurveda. Many mainstream programs have a one-size-fits-all approach, which leaves a lot of people doing something that isn’t quite right for them. The Ayurvedic tridosha model knows that there are three primary digestive types. This program targets your specific type, allowing you to have better results than if you used a program that is standardized.

Having guided so many people through improving their digestion, we have seen the results and are confident that you will benefit greatly from the Blissful Belly program. Thank you for trusting yourself (and us!) to take the next steps toward your health goals.