You can expect an experience much like going to any other practitioner. Our office is comfortable and welcoming. We will guide you through the work and do all that we can to ensure that you have a successful experience.

During an intake your Ayurvedic Health Practitioner will take a detailed health history. She will also determine your Ayurvedic constitution. (The constitution is the consideration around which all recommendations are made, so it’s an important and integral piece of the process.)

Your Ayurvedic Health Practitioner will brainstorm possible recommendations for you to follow through with. She will create a treatment protocol for you. The two of you will collaborate on how it is easiest for you to implement the recommendations.

During 1-hour follow-up appointments we will fine-tune your self-care practices and may even shift some things around so that they better serve you. Remember that this is a co-creative process that unfolds over time.