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Directed by Jeremy Frindel of Substratum Films (One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das), The Doctor from India is the fascinating story of one man’s mission to bring the ancient healthcare system of wellness called Ayurveda from India to the West in the late 1970s. In this meditative, immersive portrait, with interviewees including Ayurvedic practitioner Deepak Chopra, Frindel documents the life and work of Dr. Vasant Lad who, fulfilling his destiny as foretold by his family guru became a holistic health pioneer, helping to bring Ayurveda, which was almost unknown when he first arrived in the west, to become one of the most prominent alternative health systems in the world today.

*The screening of this film coincides with the 12 year anniversary of the Ayurvedic Health Center. We will celebrate this auspicious event at the screening. Please join us. There will be prizes! 🙂