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The Ayurvedic principle is to tend to a seasonal imbalance when the relevant dosha is accumulating (ie: gathering steam) — rather than when the dosha is at its peak and symptoms are full-blown. Kapha dosha will soon begin gathering steam, bringing renewed life and vitality to plants and the natural world.
Since we are part of the natural world, Kapha dosha increases in all of us in springtime, too. For many people this takes the form of Springtime Allergies (ie: hay fever). If you have ever had hay fever, you know that existence is miserable for a while. Nasal congestion, post-nasal drip, cough, brain fog, difficulty breathing, lowered energy, and runny nose are all common complaints of hay fever.
Fortunately, Ayurveda knows how to reverse this imbalance and restore respiratory happiness to you. If you would like to benefit from this ancient wisdom, order our Springtime Allergy Protocol.
This protocol is something you do at home; we provide everything you need, including easy-to-follow instructions. This simple herbal protocol will bring you much-needed relief. Everyone who does this protocol benefits from it and is glad they have done it.
We make up each kit by hand. It will be ready at the beginning of February.
There are two options for ordering:
• picking up your kit from the Ayurvedic Health Center — click here
• having your kit shipped to you — click here
I look forward to helping all of you breathe easier this spring.