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Late winter is the time to get a jump on treating springtime allergies. You’re fighting an uphill battle if you wait till mid-March when symptoms are full-blown.

Included in this simple but highly effective offering are herbs and a simple treatment protocol that you can do at home. You’ll also receive guidelines for what to do *if* icky drippy symptoms show up, anyway.

*Please choose the date you will be able to pick up your herbs + informational protocol. We will have them ready for you in our hallway cupboard. Available dates include:

  • Mon. thru Fri. Jan. 27-31
  • Mon. thru Fri. Feb. 3-7

It’s a weird sentence to write, but licorice root dramatically shifted my life. It was really when I moved back from the Midwest to the Northwest that my spring allergies exploded. And they affected me in surprising ways. I was always tired, I felt sharp and strange bolts running up my arms, and, of course, every part of face leaked. High powered over-the-counter drugs did work. They lessened my symptoms. But they all made me feel sort of hollow inside, like my blood was no longer wet. And they did not all help with my lethargy, which I really hated. So when I had a session with Katrina where we explored my particular make-up or physiology, I was excited to try a licorice root regiment as a response. Still, I was pretty skeptical; it just seemed like my allergies were much too powerful for something licorice. But they were not. I took licorice capsules for a good part of the winter and here’s the thing: I forgot that I was supposed to have spring allergies. They just didn’t show up! As the spring wore on, my nose did run and my throat got scratchy. But it was nothing like before. I’m super looking forward to taking it again this winter to find out just how much more my allergies can vanish.

J. C.