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Saturn’s Sadi Sati and America’s Date with Destiny

The Ageing of America for Young and Old

Many astrologers measure the maturity of the self when Saturn returns to the birth constellation every 29 to 30 years.  Vedic astrologers measure the maturity of the self by the cycle of Saturn’s Sadi Sati. This term refers to the 7 ½ years cycle it takes Saturn to completely transit both sides of the natal Moon. In Vedic astrology the Moon becomes the focus of Saturn’s transit as the Moon represents the foundation of self-awareness that starts with our familial responsibilities and culminates with our responsibilities in the world.

Saturn is the planet of the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year. Saturn’s transit over the natal Moon represents a time when we experience a symbolic Fall and Winter in our life cycle. Saturn’s Sadi Sati brings into focus the existential reality that comes with growing older and the challenges and continuing responsibilities that come with the ageing process in face of our finite self.

Saturn’s Sadi Sati is not just limited to the individual, as the ageing process is applicable to all nativities—including nations.  America entered Saturn’s Sadi Sati when Saturn entered Capricorn in January of 2020. The US elected Joseph Biden, who assumed office in 2020, being the oldest US President to hold office! America is now deep in Saturn’s Sadi Sati, as Saturn is currently in the same constellation as the US Moon since January of 2023. America’s Sadi Sati will not conclude until early 2028!

If you are prepared to awaken to the truth, Saturn will help you seize what is true and renounce what is false before it is too late. This class will illuminate the foundational principles of the Sadi Sati in reference to the US chart. The “age Tsunami” of the “Baby Boomer” generation is front and center, as one in six Americans are over the age of 65. The ageing of America and its date with destiny is here and now. 

Join Dennis for this class as we discuss the real-life consequences of the ageing of America, for young and old alike.