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Living Earth Herbs & the Ayurvedic Health Center are pleased to present
Dennis Flaherty’s class “Jyotish Gems: the Color of Light”

This intensive will explore the color vibration of each of the planets
and their related gemstones, which can be used as remedial measures.

The light of this world that reveals itself as white light is only due to the imperfection of the human eye. However, if light is passed through a prism, it will variegate into the spectrum of the seven colors of the rainbow.  These colors are visible anytime light is refracted.

The Vedic astrologers of ancient India have long known the association of the visible planets with the visible spectrum of light—as well as the association of the invisible spectrum of infra-red and ultra-violet with the invisible planets. The influence of the planets is transmitted through the vibration of light waves.

We can receive support from intentionally aligning ourselves with these gem–planetary energies.

Join Dennis as he recites from the traditional ancient sources such as the Garuda Purana, as well as from more contemporary scholars such as Richard Brown and Harish Johari. Dennis will explain the differences between the Ana-Kuhla and the Prata-Kuhla schools of gemstone theory, as well as the more contemporary schools of cosmic ray theory, such as the Bhattacharya school and others.


*At registration you will be asked to enter you birth information so that Dennis can make up your chart and give you an individualized gemstone recommendation. Katrina and Michele have both benefitted from Dennis’ gemstone recommendations. 

Tuition: $67.50