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The Vedic astrological chart reflects the four aims of life which are pertinent to traditional life in India.  The aims are as follows: Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. 

  • The Dharma Lords of the Vedic astrological chart reflect your path of purpose and, most importantly, your swadharma (your personal purpose). 
  • The Artha Lords of the chart reflect your prosperity and financial success.
  • The Kama Lords of the chart reflect all your personal relationships and social influence.
  • The Moksha Lords reflect your spiritual growth and emancipation from ignorance. 

These four aims are collectively called the Purusharthas. The four Purusarthas are meaningfully expressed in the four Ashrams, or stations of your life, which are age-dependent.

In this class Dennis will explain the four aims of your life in relationship to the four stations of your life for a deeper sense of your swadharma, your personal purpose in life.  Please provide your birth data when you register for this class as each participant will receive a copy of their Vedic chart.