Book Review :: The Rosie Project

You guys! This is a great book! It’s a fun, easy read—perfect if you are wanting to hold onto summer a little bit longer.

The Rosie Project” is a sweet love story, but what I really love about it is that it very capably illustrates one of the concepts of Ayurveda :: that the mind and the intellect are two separate (but connected) aspects of us all.

The mind (“manas” in Sanskrit) relates to the perceptive faculty (what we take in through the five senses) and is our basic emotional landscape as well as our primary perception on life. ie: does life basically flow your way or are you constantly behind the 8-ball? was your childhood full of the sweetness of the ice cream truck as it rolled by or did you only hear the grinding noise and smell the stink of the garbage truck? is the glass half full or half empty?

The intellect (“budhi in Sanskrit) relates to the higher functions of the brain and include reasoning and higher levels of consciousness.

The manas and budhi both relate to planets in the Vedic astrology, and they have different (important!) functions to play in how we navigate life.

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The protagonist of this story has a highly developed budhi and a successfully shut-down manas—that is, until Rosie comes into his life. He reconsiders how he organizes his life as he opens to love.

Once I return it to the library, it’s available to you!

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