The Bliss Therapies

The Bliss Therapies are a combination of two of Ayurveda’s best treatments: abhyanga oil massage & shirodhara streaming oil treatment. The are called the Bliss Therapies because, well, they induce a deep state of bliss.

At the Ayurvedic Health Center, our Bliss Therapies begins with a vigorous garshana (silk gloves) exfoliating massage. This is followed by abhyanga oil massage (and you will wonder why you haven’t received this before). A brief steam moves toxins out of your skin pores and makes you feel lighter. Lastly, warm herbalized oil is streamed over your third eye and crown during shirodhara. This harmonized the two hemispheres of the brain and unites the physical and energetic bodies, bringing you to the present moment.

You will emerge from this 2.5 – 3 hour set of treatments peaceful, calm, centered, and grounded.

To schedule the Bliss Therapies, please contact us.